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Professional School Premises Cleaning Service Manchester

When a school environment is unclean, it is easy for germs, bacteria and mould to grow and thrive. As these elements multiply, students, teachers, other staff members and even visitors are at risk of health problems. Fewer incidents of illness occur when the schools are clean and tidy. This leads to lower absenteeism rate among the students, educators and staff members.

In unsanitary conditions, students find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. At Kennoh Cleaning and Care Support Services (KCCS), we recognise the values for a clean, safe and acceptable learning environment.  

How KCCS can help you?

We provide professional school cleaning services to ensure your educational facilities are as clean and hygienic as possible.

  • KCCS cleaning staff takes full responsibility for cleaning your school premises and maintaining a safe, clean and hygienic environment.
  • Clean all surfaces, fixtures and fittings, clean floors, walls, partitions and internal woodwork as appropriate.
  • Clean toilets, changing rooms and other sanitary areas.
  • Clean equipment after use.
  • Collect waste and dispose of waste in appropriate manner.
  • Clean  and maintain waste bins
  • Undertake special cleaning programmes during school Closure
  • We supply trained and VETTED cleaners to cover sick off and staff on holidays.
  • We have a ‘Green-Clean’ program included to prevent any non-degradable and toxic products from harming the environment.
  • Our school cleaning team are VETTED and NVQ Level 2 trained to perform their cleaning obligation safely and with much emphasis on security and safe guarding.
  • While on the premises we provide direct and indirect supervision to ensure that our service delivery meet the needs of your school.
  • All our services are insurance covered to give you the complete peace of mind.

We provide the following services to schools and colleges:

  • Supply of Cleaning Staff    
  • Contract Cleaning Management
  • Supply of Caretakers
  • One of Deep Cleans
  • Key Holding
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • School Dinner Assistance
  • Floor Restoration and
  • Supply of Temporary Cleaners (No Contract)

We also supply temporary school caretakers. Our caretakers are trained to ensure safety within and around the school premises and to monitor repairs and maintenance needs while protecting infrastructure and its equipment.

Our Caretaker Duties Include:

  • To clear and ensure safe access to the premises and support premises security
  • Report and repair minor fault and, support external contractors in all works within the premises.
  • Respond to premises cleaning needs.
  • Ensure premise is opened and locked and alarm turned on.
  • We provide standalone opening and locking up of buildings, emergency response and key holding services.
  • Most of our caretaker services are carried out without contract but PAY AS YOU GO with monthly invoicing.

Our charges are affordable and you get more value for money, because we are reliable, and trusted to execute our obligations as promised.

Please contact us today on 0161 2238088 for a free, no-obligation quote for your School premises cleaning needs.

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